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  • 20121007
    Hello everyone! It is me, Gudbev! I come with important news! First of all, let me congratulate you all for 1300 messages on this new forum, and let me thank you all for allowing me to be the 1301st message here. BUT this is not the reason I am posting. I have come here to do two things. One.
    To thank you all for your company, and thank you all for helping me through the days with the globally known "AGN humor" And yes, it is global. Our community has members from all around the globe! We have got gamers from australia, all the way to the US of A! And not only are we having fun playing games...

    by gudbev - Comments: 11 - Views: 979
  • 20120508
    Okay guys, so I've been looking at our SMP server recently, and also been browsing around other server looking for ideas, and I think our server is simply too complicated. So I drew up some simple plans for SMP 2.0. There is a poll as to whether you like this idea, please vote. Sorry for the long read, but here it goes.

    Basically, simplify everything. We have WAY too many plugins to do this and that, and nowadays there simply isn't any survival any more. We have the creative map, so why bring half the options into survival? My idea is to get rid of every single rank and plugin available...

    by PlasticTastic - Comments: 27 - Views: 1446
  • 20111225
    So it's Christmas Eve and the new map is now up. It has come along a lot. There is now Factions again! You can join the factions no matter what rank you are so it would be lovely if we had everyone pick a side. But don't just pick which side has the most. If you want the commands they are:
    /f list
    /f join (Stormcloak/Horde)
    Each Hold(City) will be aligned to one of the factions. Currently there is no Horde cities so if you would like to create a city and align to Horde feel free, but the Horde capital will be built soon. Currently we have two Stormcloak cities. These are...

    by Admin - Comments: 9 - Views: 662
  • 20120113
    As usual with these updates we will NOT be doing a temp map/server. This update is extremely minor and makes no difference. To connect you will however still need 1.0.1 to connect, so do not update. We will also not update to 1.1 till it has a RB due to the dev versions not being stable. If you have already updated then please downgrade.


    by Admin - Comments: 3 - Views: 599
  • 20120411
    Hello Good people of AGN! Now I haven't done this in a long time so I figure it was time for an update.

    So Bukkit has finally updated and we nearly have all the plugins we're gonna have. All that's left is to redo Permissions. Due to the update, we lost many old plugins and replaced them with newer versions or completely new plugins. This means that a lot of old Permissions became redundant. Now this produced a problem. Having been changing a while I only just realised that not only does Trusted have no perks but neither does Architect or for that matter MasterBuilder! However this will...

    by Admin - Comments: 1 - Views: 507
  • 20120131
    In case anyone was looking for the Dynmap

    by TheTBird - Comments: 2 - Views: 884
  • 20111219
    Hello, I haven't posted much recently. This has been due to the high amount of homework/coursework/mock exams I have had.

    More on topic however, we are going to be switching maps pretty soon. By the latest it will be up on the 23rd but if possible we will get it up before. The new map has a different generator than the original so it will look quite different. The new map also has quite a different theme than the current one. The current one along with the past 2-4 maps will be available for download soon. I ask however that if you do download these do not try to copy over creations...

    by Admin - Comments: 12 - Views: 609
  • 20111203
    Saturday the 3rd we will be holding Voting sessions to determine who of the temporary Operators will become a permanent Operator, thereby becoming a legitimate member of our staff. Simply stop in for however long you can, and you should be addressed.

    by xman23 - Comments: 5 - Views: 548
  • 20111015
    Quite a lot is changing and there is a couple of matters to settle.

    - Factions (Keep or go?)
    - Combined CA/SA? (New Name?)
    - OP Spaces (Possibly 2/3 spaces [2 new OPs {Pinkdimond, Beta_Test_01}])
    - New Community Logo (To be finished [Concept finished])
    - Old Plugins (I've cleared out a lot of plugins that I deemed had been underused and unnecessary)

    Please vote your opinion for the factions and comment with your thoughts on some of these changes.

    by Admin - Comments: 4 - Views: 598
  • 20110909
    Ok, I''m gonna make this post as quick as I can.

    As you may know, 1.8 will introduce creative mode for beta. Simple question:

    Should I keep the creative server on classic or move to beta?

    Pros of moving - Infinite maps, Beta blocks, Redstone, e.t.c

    Cons - Lose all of the commands (e.g /box)

    You decide - Reply to this topic.

    by PlasticTastic - Comments: 6 - Views: 673
  • 20110828
    12th September 2010 - The day the classic server first went up. That's right, it's our first anniversary in 2 weeks! We need to think of a way to celebrate. Ideas are welcome!

    Also, we need to think of a time for us all to go on at the same time, stand on something with a massive "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGN" sign in the background, and get a picture of it. This will probably be done Sunday 11th September, because it's a weekend Razz

    Also, if you are interested, please read the updated donation info here.

    by PlasticTastic - Comments: 5 - Views: 573
  • 20110902
    I forgot to mention in the past update that I have added a new login option. You can now log in to the forum using facebook. The forum doesn't automatically post stuff on your wall so no worries about that.

    Have fun. Wink

    by Admin - Comments: 0 - Views: 542
  • 20110704

    Dear Reader,

    Welcome to our new official forums. As you've probably noticed the layout is similar but the general scheme has changed quite a bit. The groups system has also changed so we no longer have the ranks from the servers. Instead there is now 5 different types of groups on the forums.

    Administrators - These are the people, like me, who maintain the forums.
    Moderator - These are...

    by Admin - Comments: 2 - Views: 794
  • 20110824
    So I'm going to start with the new donation system:

    There are multiple tiers: Tier 1 to Tier 5. Each one goes up in £5. E.g, Tier 1 = £5, Tier 2 = £10, Tier 3 = £15, Tier 4 = £20, and Tier 5 = £25. The donations are monthly. You can choose to use lower tiers for longer times, e.g Donate £20 for 4 months of Tier 1, instead of 1 month of Tier 4. I will work out a special offer for people ordering more than one month at a time. Here are the perks you will get:


    Tier 1 - Limited Item spawning + Allowed Flight +5000 creds/month

    by Admin - Comments: 0 - Views: 608
  • 20110808
    Well basically while I was in Poland, I didn't have much I could exactly do. So I decided to think of improvements for the server and forums. As I posted earlier, there have been numerous improvements to the forums.

    After talking to a couple of people, I have decided that donations will now work differently. While this new system might seem a bit 'harsh' know that it is only because it does cost quite a bit of money to host the servers and we give up the use of any programs on our computers because of it.

    This is the basic idea. Donators are split into Tiers and...

    by Admin - Comments: 10 - Views: 646
  • 20110710
    Recently we've decided to make a new map however I thought that this very typical new map idea was getting repetitive and is done by every server. So I had an idea. Why not have something different. So I am implementing this idea. I won't however reveal this yet as I believe it would ruin the surprise and would like to skip past people who would argue against it.

    On another topic I'm making a new price list. This is due to the harsh prices for some items and privileges. However, this price list will have smaller prices, of at least less than 100 gold per block....

    by Admin - Comments: 19 - Views: 987
  • 20110801
    Well since I've been in Poland, I haven't been able to moderate my server at all. But I have had access to the forums and decided to improve a few things. Firstly, on the portal, there is now a +1/Tweet/Like part along the top. Second, in case you haven't noticed already our ranks now have these titles on the left. Third, in the notice box, there is now an ACTUAL offline/online indicator for SMP. Fourth, I will be adding many more forums games to increase the forum activity. Fifth, I added a reputation system. You'll most likely see the + and - sign in the top right corner of...

    by Admin - Comments: 1 - Views: 724
  • 20110706
    Sorry, but we had a LOT of stuff in SMP General discussion last time.

    This is NOT to happen again, ok?

    We have an off topic section - This has

    Off Topic - For miscellaneous stuff.
    Other games - For other games, derp.
    Forum Games - For games that can be played here on the forum.

    Please use these for off-topic.




    by PlasticTastic - Comments: 0 - Views: 889

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