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Creative Server after 1.8

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Creative Server after 1.8 Empty Creative Server after 1.8

Ok, I''m gonna make this post as quick as I can.

As you may know, 1.8 will introduce creative mode for beta. Simple question:

Should I keep the creative server on classic or move to beta?

Pros of moving - Infinite maps, Beta blocks, Redstone, e.t.c

Cons - Lose all of the commands (e.g /box)

You decide - Reply to this topic.
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Creative Server after 1.8 :: Comments


Post on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:29 am  xman23

I say yes.
Beta blocks and redstone wiring can do wonders in regards to loss of /box, although will requite quite extensive constructs.
BUT on the downside, since the computer that you use to run classic on only has 2 gb of RAM, that may be a difficulty because I certainly cannot run a server on this computer, be it the RAM, the CPU, or the MB/s I get from my net provider. Perhaps a test to see if this is even viable is due before a decision is made?

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Post on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:59 am  Admin

Note: There will be no problem with the RAM usage. The D3 server software has bugs and leaks and uses more RAM then necessary so the creative server might in theory run better.

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Post on Sun Sep 11, 2011 12:46 am  beta_test_01

ive Ben using the 1.8 server software and it is an extreme ram hog .... worse than just being on vista

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Post on Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:56 am  xman23

That software has yet to be polished; we won't make an official 1.8 server until it is fully released.

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Post on Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:34 am  Admin

Which is tomorrow >_> And It's not a RAM hog. You just haven't properly distributed the RAM. Chances are due to your computers current RAM usage when the server starts it skips the first couple threads and moves straight to a new one.

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Post on Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:34 am  TheTBird

So after a few days of playing with 1.8 what are the thoughts about it?

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