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AGN Updates and Donation System

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AGN Updates and Donation System Empty AGN Updates and Donation System

So I'm going to start with the new donation system:

There are multiple tiers: Tier 1 to Tier 5. Each one goes up in £5. E.g, Tier 1 = £5, Tier 2 = £10, Tier 3 = £15, Tier 4 = £20, and Tier 5 = £25. The donations are monthly. You can choose to use lower tiers for longer times, e.g Donate £20 for 4 months of Tier 1, instead of 1 month of Tier 4. I will work out a special offer for people ordering more than one month at a time. Here are the perks you will get:


Tier 1 - Limited Item spawning + Allowed Flight +5000 creds/month

Tier 2 - ^ + Quicker Recharge on Item Spawn Time + /me + 10000 creds/month

Tier 3 - ^ + Unlimited Item Spawning + iStick + TPing + 15000 creds/month

Tier 4 - ^ + Colored Chat(Only on payment of 2nd month) + Cuboid + 20000 creds/month

Tier 5 - ^ + Custom Rank(Only on payment of 2nd month) + invisibility + /kick + Cape(Requires BukkitContrib) + Coordinate Teleporting + GodMode + 10k credits/week + 25000 creds/month

Classic (Not that anyone cares anymore ;-; )

Tier 1 - Not available, sorry.

Tier 2 - Pyrotechnics (Rockets, fire, /gun etc) as well as all master builder commands

Tier 3 - Your own map! (128x128x64)

Tier 4 - Your own bigger map! (256x256x128)

Tier 5 - Your own massive map! (512x512x256) (This is the size of public maps)

With your own map, you can choose what mapfill you want. Ask Plastic or Close to show you the mapfills, and you can choose.

Sorry that I can't add specific blocks and commands, but the way the server works at the moment, it's all done through the ranking system and there can't be exceptions, sorry.

This shouldn't change and I might have offers every once in a while Wink


In terms of SMP, we now have Factions, a new map, a new interest system, a /ragequit, a /fail, a /win, a Server Bot which responds to some sentences, a spoofing command, a /ipban, and most importantly a /pget! We can now see who placed or destroyed a block but even better, I can see all commands used even failed ones such as /homew, I can see all of chat and everything thats written so there will be no more cases of threats, griefing, and general nastiness from people.

In fact yesterday, There was a case of griefing. By two foolish people, Cobwebster and SPECZjr, without the new antigrief I wouldn't have been able to see who placed the lava and wouldn't have known it was them. However after I banned them and cleaned up the grief, another account logged in, and I got this message

[IPNotify] The IP of player ********* is used by 1 other user(s)!

The name is blocked for reasons I can't explain right now. However, I thought this was fishy so naturally I cross-referenced the IPs. Of course I found a match. This new person and Cobwebster had the same IP. Now this left me thinking and I realized, We have had a /ipban for a while but I hadn't set the permission. So now Admins have permission to IPBan and this shouldn't be taken lightly and should NOT be used to mess around. You CANNOT /unipban ! But from now on Admins should /ipban all griefers as most griefers have multiple accounts.[u]
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