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AGN News Update 10/04/12

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AGN News Update 10/04/12 Empty AGN News Update 10/04/12

Hello Good people of AGN! Now I haven't done this in a long time so I figure it was time for an update.

So Bukkit has finally updated and we nearly have all the plugins we're gonna have. All that's left is to redo Permissions. Due to the update, we lost many old plugins and replaced them with newer versions or completely new plugins. This means that a lot of old Permissions became redundant. Now this produced a problem. Having been changing a while I only just realised that not only does Trusted have no perks but neither does Architect or for that matter MasterBuilder! However this will change as sometime this week I will finally set up definite perks for ALL ranks. This includes Admin who up till now has not gotten much. I will then make a forum post listing all the perks of each rank from Guest to Admin.

However we now have two maps. A Build map, on which the perks will be active, and a Survival map, on which you get NO perks but keep your basic Guest permissions. This is so that people can have two different experiences. There will also be another world. This will be the guest world. Everyone will spawn in the new spawn hub and from there you will be limited by rank. There will be portals to all the worlds and only certain ranks can go to certain worlds. Only guests will be able to go to the guest world and Builder+ will be allowed to go to the Survival and Build map.

We also have an idea for another Roleplaying world. Towns have now been fully tested and will be removed from the survival world soon. These towns will be brought over to the Roleplaying world where you can then pick a job and a title. After you pick the job you will ONLY be able to do the job described. E.G If you pick miner you will NOT be able to use Axes and hoes. This will keep the town economy flowing as you will have to sell each other materials to be able to have all the materials.

In other news, We will now have a AGN League Of Legends team! This team will be on the EU Nordic servers (Europe North East/Nordic). If you want to join please leave your LoL name in the comments below. Please do make sure that you're on the EUNE servers and not the EUW servers.

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AGN News Update 10/04/12 :: Comments


Post on Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:16 am  gudbev

Build map soon ready to go close, added worldGuard region to it (you might want to check it) , i have started to add roads and plots to the build map to keep order. We also need to add water over the spawn base but thats just a WE click away.
also the hall of fame is under construction.

Good going.

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