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Build map and ranking system!

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Build map and ranking system! Empty Build map and ranking system!

Post  gudbev on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:51 pm

Greetings, players of agn. Let me first say thank you for a good survival experience ive had with you lately. And that confirms the fact that the all-survival map is working as expected. I will now update you on the news of closeknights smp:

First out the maps:
We will (as mentioned earlier by CloseKnight) have 2 maps. One survival and one build map. For the past weeks i have been building on the new build map coming up. (Thanks to Hallis helping me build the spawn <3) It is coming pretty good. When you for the first time log on AGN you will be directed to the "newBox". A big box with building lots where you can build as an application to get building permissions in the build map. This box is cleared weekly/when needed and it is all ready for action. I believe you all will find the spawn very interesting due to the fact that it is under water. In this map you will all have to BUILD for ranks. Yes you heard me from now on as CloseKnight already said we will give you points for each good build. You will all get materials from a supply storage at spawn, this is called "old-school creative" you will NOT get creative mode!
We recommend you all to build big and detailed. One-man city builds are also encouraged. In this way we can keep a better log on who's getting promoted and for what. Personally i cant wait to test it out.
This might sound a bit harsh/confusing, but i have faith in you guys, i know you can do it. Wink

Second: The survival map:
EVERYONE will survive at this map. No creative mode enabled and no spawning items. Everyone will have the same perms as a guest while playing at this map. This will be a dramaticaly change in our build system but i know it will turn out well. And i believe the building spirit will come back as someone probably will be motivated by the fact that the staff is also surviving side by side with the normal players.

These changes will soon take place (as soon we get some stuff fixed with the warps) and then we will be running this system as default. I hope you all understand and will learn to love it as much as we do. <3

Happy building.
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