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Town suggestion

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Town suggestion Empty Town suggestion

Post  gudbev on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:08 am

Ok so me and Hallis were talking about towns, and we have seen the rapid growth of small villages all over the server. But the main idea about the new map were to have a few major cities to build in (like 10 - 15). But now everyone have got the founding fever and wants to start new towns. This is great. We need new towns. But we thought it would be better if we got town licenses. So that u need to buy a license in order to get a town. I know we have started with this but we should definately start watching the servers and inform everyone about the system.

But as we know Hallis can come up with some neat ideas now and then xD
So we set up this list for some suggestions to the towny system.

Ok so basicaly we thought that we could have 3 different sizes of towns.
and in order to get title as village, town or city you will have to cover some requirements:

village requirements:
minimum 3 inhabitants.
1 leader/mayor
and at least 1 marked main road.
public farm and mine.
fee: 7000? 8000?

town requirements:
minimum 7 inhabitants
1 mayor
a good network of roads/infrastructure.
a good plan for future expanding.
a organized public mine and farm
fee: 10 000, 15 000????? we have no idea xD

city requirements:
minimum 12 inhabitants???
1 leader/mayor
1 - 5 city mods that are often on.
a good road system and plot selling system.
a neat and organized plan for future expanding.
a public mine, treefarm and farm.
and a bank (ask admins)
fee: 25 000 ????? (we think cities should be expensive)

we also think that selling plots in a un registered city should be illegal.

this were our suggestions. tell us what you think.

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Town suggestion Empty Re: Town suggestion

Post  TheTBird on Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:20 pm

Just a thought towns should be suburbs of cities or part of a city? And Villages should be a suburb of a town. Anyway just a thought. I expect my little village to be part of the closest city. It just needs to fill in between. But I like the idea you two have.

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