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PortVale Town !

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PortVale Town !  Empty PortVale Town !

Post  DevvyHD on Thu May 10, 2012 3:02 am

Hello Fellow AGN Players and i have some exciting news for you !
I have created a new Harbour town called PortVale this is a new project that i have undertaken and i will think it would be fairly succesfull like the other town i managed previously. Many of you may khow this town as WoodSide
I have made plans and also lots of preperations for this town and i will think it will turn out great !
However there is an issue...i need people to join the town!
I understand the town is not fully constructed yet but i cannot do all of this own my own and i will need Trusty comrades (people who i can trust) to help me in this procces.
If you do well you may get a recgonised position in the town and in the thriving community of PortVale.
So i would like people to sign up for the task if that is possible...
There are certain criteria you need to fit into for this task...
1.You MUST not be a part of any other town. simply because you wont be able to build in PortVale if you are,nothing personal
2.You MUST be a lower rank than Staff. this is so that lower ranked people get the oppurtunity to show their building and management skills
3.Also you need to fill out the form below -

In-Game name :
Current Rank :
Experiance with building (1 being low, 10 being high) :
What kind of worker are you (Team or Individual) :
Why do you want to help PortVale ? :
What would your reaction be if you didnt get the Job :

Thank you Very MUCH !
- Devvy

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PortVale Town !  Empty the forum

Post  Tucker101xX on Thu May 10, 2012 5:05 am

my building is probably 4
i want to help because i'm nice like that
if i didn't get in i would take rage out on terraria bunnies Razz


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PortVale Town !  Empty Re: PortVale Town !

Post  DevvyHD on Fri May 11, 2012 1:18 am

Hmmm.........normally i would deny your application however since you are very keen to help i'd put you on a trial run and then take any further action if need be

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Age : 23
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PortVale Town !  Empty Re: PortVale Town !

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