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Questions about MC server

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Questions about MC server Empty Questions about MC server

Post  vegamarks on Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:00 pm

Ok, I'm the newest member of the Anti-Grief Nation and I have some questions to ask.

Q: Do you allow Minecraft birthdays on the server.
Q: Am I already a member of the Anti-Grief Nation. If yes, what rank Am I?
Q: How can I rank up, do I rank up for playing on the server or I have to donate to rank up
Q: Is there any ventrilo or teamspeak servers.
Final Q: Are admins always on the server.
Thank you for answering my questions
- Vegamarks

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Questions about MC server Empty Re: Questions about MC server

Post  xman23 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:28 am

A: Uhhh... Sure? Not sure what you mean here, but if it is your birthday on a particular day you won't be banned for mentioning that.

A: Technically, yes. IF you have logged in, that is. Once you log in, you are officially a guest, which is a rank, which means you are recognized as being a part of the community. At the moment I will assume you are a guest.

A: Rank up is based on building and time spent on server. We do have Donators, if you are interested please read this page: Donate

A: We do not have an official teamspeak or ventrilo server, but there are almost always people on our chat set up in skype. If you wish to be added to the skype group chat, read this page: Skype

A: Admins are NOT always on the servers; none of them are paid and many are students, so their life takes priority over the server.
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