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Gudbevs big journey!

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Gudbevs big journey! Empty Gudbevs big journey!

Post  gudbev on Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:16 am

After years of arguing and battles! Gudbev decided to visit a noobish server to prove that AGN is the best server ever! Gudbev hired a guy called mattahari to support him at this epic journey! At the morning they left on a flood of hope and pride, heading against the shore of noobyness! They were heading to the nooby server! After days of traveling they finaly spotted land! Gudbev went to explore while matt was going to make a base! Matt had orders to come after gudbev if it had gone 5 days.

Gudbev walked a little before he finaly saw it. The SPAWN! it was as he thought! a godforsaken wasteland! There were mess and noobyness everywhere! Grief and waterflows! Then he saw it! A workbench! This indicated intelligent life at this server! There was only ruins left of the server! Everyting was gone and gudbev wondered what happend. Then he found out! It was worse than a nuclear bomb, worse than a war, it was........ McMyAdmin!!!! then doom was written in the agony!

When gudbev returned to base after days of traveling, He and matta returned to the civilisation of antigriefnation with mental damages both of them....
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Gudbevs big journey! Empty Re: Gudbevs big journey!

Post  Tarl on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:21 am

Nice Story!
I have tried playing on other servers when AGN is down and find it to be very dissatisfying. They are just not as much fun. They tend to be overrun with noobs and griefers or don't have more than 2 people on at a time.

I love the community that AGN has developed. Keeping things nice on the server are important. The new forums show that people care and want to make things even better.


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