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I am disapointed

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I am disapointed Empty I am disapointed

Post  Joekilla88 on Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:02 pm

Tonight many of you followed the IP given out by ipixel... then as asked proceeded to vandalize and grief the server.... Is this not ANTI grief nation? I thought this could be a good community, but it seems I was wrong. I do not expect to return.Goodbye.


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I am disapointed Empty Re: I am disapointed

Post  gudbev on Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:46 pm

Listen carefully kid. The name of our community proves that the server has not encountered any major grief since mid alpha stage. This is a proud tradition that we work hard to keep. The reason why the server has encountered this many noob griefers is due to our ip is posted at icanhasgriefs website. And i can assure you we have banned/will ban them all. Our community is buildt buildt friendly spirit and might be the most friendly community of minecraftservers you might ever enconter. Me and most of the staff have spent YEARS of our lives to build and maintain this community. Therefore I can not tolerate taking critics from a kid that probably started playing the game 2 days ago. I am sorry, but you just blew your only chance of joining our growing community and I apologize for the fact that we have not banned you earlier. Minor griefers/sweatshop kids does not belong to this society. Please look at yourself as booted from our server.

P.S. You seriously need to take a look at your english homework, kid. I can hardly understand what you are writing dude.

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I am disapointed Empty Re: I am disapointed

Post  DevvyHD on Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:38 am

That is correct ever since i have joined this server i have encounterd nothing but friendly people and non-grief in my opinion this is one of the best servers that i have every played on...
Every staff member works thier arses off looking for new and exiting ways to make the server more fun and friendly so i do not understand how you could even hint that this server is bad
if you dont like it GTFO we dont welcome harsh critics on a friendly server ok bai GTFO

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I am disapointed Empty Re: I am disapointed

Post  Wrayh on Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:23 am

first off Yay this is my first post on the forums Razz secondly... joekilla the server we did that too has ways of fixing it no grief is that dangerous it's not like we had hacks or anything we broke some pixel art... so get over it and enjoy your life. I'm sorry I trusted you..

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I am disapointed Empty Re: I am disapointed

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